For an entire year, we give our employees on-the-job training as well as a host of supportive services, including legal, transportation, childcare and financial help. At the end of the year, armed with job skills and relevant experience, our trainees start their careers, with the help of our job counselor.



Charles is a 30 year veteran of professional kitchens, 15 of which as an executive chef at restaurants and hotels such as The Blue Chalk Cafe, Paragon Restaurant & Bar, W Hotels, Hilton Hotels and IHG Hotels. He started cooking with his grandmother as she would let him stand on a step stool in her kitchen and help her bake.

Charles is a self-taught chef who relied on mentorship and relationships for his culinary training. After several years managing kitchens with large staffs, Charles felt it was time to give back, not only to his community, but to his profession as well. He joined the Rendezvous team to be part of something bigger than just a cooking job. His first priority is to make a difference in the life of trainees at Rendezvous and help them discover the fulfillment of a career in culinary arts.